Text to speech

The speak action will read our text to speech to the caller, which is useful for converting dynamic text into a human-sounding voice. Instead of recording the complete audio file using a human voice, text to speech allows the developers to save time.


  1. Sign up for a free PIOPIY demo account.

  2. Create your endpoint and add capacity.

  3. Buy PIOPIY phone number.

  4. Setup your webserver and map your POST method URL in answer URL.

Speak action JSON

"action": "speak",
"text": "Hello. Your one time password is. 9. 8. 9. 7"


*actionstringThe PCMO action to control the flow of the call.
*textstringThe text content to convert as voice.

Sample JSON Response

Your web server will get a sample response from PIOPIY Platform as given below for incoming call.

action: 'inbound',
from: '19170000001',
to: '19170000000',
time: 1670568234000,
cmiuuid: '28b9fc5f-b147-47e1-80a4-1edf1339efe1'


These are the list of properties and its description

actionstringDirection of this call
fromnumberThe number who made a call
tostringYour PIOPIY phone number
timestringTimestamp of this call
cmiuuidstringA unique identifier of this call
The * marked property is mandatory.