Additional Parameter

The param action will pass the custom parameter while getting the input from the caller. when connecting a caller to an agent, you might want to send the additional param like their display name to the agent's application so that they can have more information about the customer.


  1. Sign up for a free PIOPIY demo account.

  2. Create your endpoint and add capacity.

  3. Buy PIOPIY phone number.

  4. Setup your webserver and map your POST method URL in answer URL.

Param action JSON

"action": "param",
"text": "{ Name=Akil, ID=8915726 }"


*actionstringThe PCMO action to control the flow of the call.
textstringYour custom parameters
The * marked property is mandatory.

Sample JSON Response

If the provided information is valid, your web server will get a sample response from PIOPIY Platform as given below

"from": 440000000000,
"to": 440000000001,
"dtmf": "2",
"cmuuid": "41aa4bb1-d693-415e-82ce-bdf2e8814aeb"
"extra_params": '{ Name=Akil, ID=8915726 }'


These are the list of properties and its description

fromnumberThe number the call came from
tonumberYour PIOPIY phone number
dtmfstringThe digits entered during the call
cmiuuidstringA unique identifier of this call
extra_paramsstringYour customer parameters

HTTP status codes

TeleCMI API platform represents the following status code to identity the errors.

Status codeStatus codeDescription
404ErrorInvalid music filename