Outbound Call

The Outbound call API is used to connect the call, between two phone numbers. Using app id and app secret you can able to make a outbound call API request.

Base URL

Send your POST method request with valid parameters, to the following base URL.


Required Parameters

These are the required POST method parameters with description

Parameter NameTypeDescription
*appidnumberYour app id
*secretstringYour app secret
*fromnumberYour caller id for this call
*answer_urlstringYour webserver URL contains list of action
*tonumberThe number the call was made to


  • The * marked property is mandatory.

Sample JSON Request

Below is the following sample JSON POST method request

"appid": 2222226,
"secret": "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx",
"from": 914471000000,
"answer_url": "http://9538e04c.ngrok.io/v1/piopiy_action",
"to": 9100000000

Sample Response

If the provided information is valid, your web server will get a sample response from TeleCMI Platform as given below

"data": {
"inetno": 2222226,
"time": 1571062483000,
"rate": "0.40",
"answer_url": "http://9538e04c.ngrok.io/v1/piopiy_action",
"event_url": "http://9538e04c.ngrok.io",
"from": 4471000000,
"duration": 3600,
"channel": 16,
"to": 9100000000,
"user": "40ccbc10-46be-11e8-9e77-6b551e36fe08"
"code": "200"


These are the list of properties and its description

inetnonumberYour app id
timenumberTimestamp of this call
ratestringThe call cost of this call in rupees
answer_urlstringYour webserver URL contains list of actions
event_urlstringyour webserver URL to receive cdr and events
fromnumberThe caller id of the incoming call
durationnumberThe duration of this call
channelnumberThe number of capacity of your app
tonumberThe number the call was made to
userstringThe unique id of this call

HTTP status codes

TeleCMI API platform represents the following status code to identity the errors.

Status codeStatus codeDescription
200OKWe received the request
420ErrorInvalid app id or secret, failed to authenticate token
501ErrorMissing required property
502ErrorThe property required is missing