Play File

The play action will play the audio file to the caller, by greeting the caller with specific pre-recorded music or playing the music while the caller is on hold. PIOPIY supports both mp3 and wav file formats.


  1. Sign up for a free PIOPIY demo account.

  2. Create your endpoint and add capacity.

  3. Buy PIOPIY phone number.

  4. Setup your webserver and map your POST method URL in answer URL.

Play action JSON

"action": "play",
"file_name": "welcome_11112.mp3"


*actionstringThe PCMO action to control the flow of the call.
*file_name (or) file_urlstringThe file_name will play the audio file from TeleCMI cloud CDN, and the file_url will play the audio file from your own cloud CDN.
The * marked property is mandatory.

HTTP status codes

TeleCMI API platform represents the following status code to identity the errors.

Status codeStatus codeDescription
404ErrorInvalid music filename