PCMO Overview

PIOPIY call management object is a JSON, that is used to control all the voice calls made through the PIOPIY API platform. If your PIOPIY phone number gets the incoming call, our PIOPIY platform will check for the answer URL associated with the phone number. Then the answer URL will make a request to the POST method URL and execute your PCMO actions.

PCMO actions

The PCMO actions are used to control the voice calls flow. Using this PCMO actions, you can quickly create a voice call flow that suits your use case.

Play filePlay audio files to the conversation
Text to speechConverts text into speech to the conversation
Forward callConnect the multiple phone numbers
InputGet digits from the caller
Play & get inputGet digits from the caller on playing music file
RecordRecords the conversation of a call
HangupHangup or end the converstaion of a call

Using the above PCMO actions you can able to create a custom voice call application.