The input action will collect the digits from the caller or callee on a live call. when the digits are collected, you can make the call jump to the next action also. Collecting the digits will be useful to create multi-level IVR, confirming the order, etc,


  1. Sign up for a free PIOPIY demo account.

  2. Create your endpoint and add capacity.

  3. Buy PIOPIY phone number.

  4. Setup your webserver and map your POST method URL in answer URL.

Input action JSON

"action": "input",
"max_digit": 4,
"timeout": 5,
"action_url": ""


*actionstringThe PCMO action to control the flow of the call.
max_digitnumberIt defines the DTMF input length. By default the maximum digit is 1
timeoutnumberThe seconds to wait, to get the DTMF. By default the timeout is 5 seconds.
*action_urlstringYour webserver URL to inform the DTMf input
The * marked property is mandatory.

Sample JSON Response

If the provided information is valid, your web server will get a sample response from PIOPIY Platform as given below

"from": 919100000000,
"to": 4471000000,
"dtmf": "1234",
"cmuuid": "41aa4bb1-d693-415e-82ce-bdf2e8814aeb"


These are the list of properties and its description

fromnumberThe number the call came from
tonumberYour PIOPIY phone number
dtmfstringThe digits entered during the call
cmiuuidstringA unique identifier of this call