Forward Call to PSTN

The bridge action will connect the call to other phone numbers. For example, when the caller dials the PIOPIY phone number the incoming call can be routed to multiple phone numbers at a time, such as landline and mobile number.


  1. Sign up for a free PIOPIY demo account.

  2. Create your endpoint and add capacity.

  3. Buy PIOPIY phone number.

  4. Setup your webserver and map your POST method URL in answer URL.

Bridge action JSON

"action": "bridge",
"duration": 300,
"timeout": 20,
"from": 914471000000,
"loop": 2,
"connect": [
"type": "pstn",
"number": 9100000000


*actionstringThe PCMO action to control the flow of the call.
fromnumberIt defines the caller id of this call. By default, the from number will be PIOPIY plaform's default phone number.
durationnumberThe duration of this call in seconds. By default, the duration is 5400. seconds.
timeoutnumberThe ringing time of this call in seconds, The default value for timeout is 40.
loopnumberThe total number of retry, of this call. By default, the loop is 1.
ring_typestringIt defines to call multiple phone numbers at a time. By default, the ring type is single.
*connectJSON array
  • type = Defines the type internet or pstn.
  • number = The phone number to connect, it may be mobile or landline number.
The * marked property is mandatory.