Configuring Event URL

The answer URL is an HTTP POST method URL, used to perform the PCMO(PIOPIY Call Management Object) actions. whenever the incoming call is received or outgoing call is made using API, the PIOPIY platform makes a request to answer_url. Then the answer_url will forward the request to your webserver, where you can configure your customized phone call application using PCMO actions.


Sample JSON Response

Your webserver will receive a sample JSON response when the phone call is received are made using PIOPIY phone number.

"from": 919100000000,
"to": 4471000000,
"time": 1571800398000,
"cmiuuid": "00c6a018-a912-4f1a-a0a0-e522c1851f07"


fromnumberThe caller id of this call
tonumberYour PIOPIY phone number
timenumberTimestamp of this call
cmiuuidstringA unique identifier of this call

Now, pick the docs that are right for you. These API reference docs will helps you to create your own developer telephony platform.