Incoming Hangup

Our TeleCMI platform will notify the following sample JSON live event to your web server POST method URL, when an incoming call hit on your virtual number or toll-free number and got hangup.

Sample event response

This is the sample JSON live event, where the TeleCMI platform will notify your web server POST method URL.

type: 'event',
direction: 'inbound',
conversation_uuid: '7bf5fbab-5a1a-4cde-a0b6-aba843131950',
cmiuuid: '7bf5fbab-5a1a-4cde-a0b6-aba843131950',
from: '9100000000',
app_id: 1111113,
time: 1571122005000,
to: '4461000000',
status: 'hangup'

The above sample JSON live event consists of several properties. Each property has a description and take a look at it.


These are the list of properties and its description

typeType of notification from TeleCMI platform it may be cdr or event
directionThe direction of this call it may be inbound or outbound
conversation_uuidA unique identifier of this overall conversation
cmiuuidA unique identifier of this call
fromThe number the call came from
app_idYour app id
timeTimestamp of this call
toYour DID number, of this call
statusStatus of this call