Download VoiceMail/Recorded File

Each API request in TeleCMI platform includes App id and secret. Get your App id and secret in CHUB dashboard. After getting the app id and secret, make a GET request to the below base URL to download the voicemail or recorded call.

Base URL

Send your GET method request with valid parameters, to the following base URL.

Required Parameters

These are the required GET method parameters with description

Parameter NameTypeDescription
*appidnumberYour chub app ID
*tokenstringYour chub app secret
*filestringThe file name of the voicemail or recorded call
The * marked parameter is mandatory.

If the provided information is valid, your web server will get a response from TeleCMI platform and you can able to stream the audio file.

HTTP status codes

TeleCMI API platform represents the following status code to identity the errors.

Status codeStatus codeDescription
200OKWe received the request
404ErrorInvalid app id or secret, authentication failed