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Nodejs Example

TeleCMI webhooks implementation in NodeJS. Use our simple node web server to test your webhooks and live events locally for development purpose.


Follow the below installation instructions


Prerequisites for node web server.

  • git (>= 2.20.1 required)
  • node.js (>= v10.16.3 required)
  • npm (>= 6.9.0 required)

Clone the repository

Use command git clone to clone the node webserver from our TeleCMI github repository.

git clone

Change the directory to your project directory

cd telecmi_example_node

Install require package using npm

Use command npm install to install the node modules.

npm install  # shows the tagged versions


Run your node server using the below command

node server.js

Now you can able to test our webhooks and live events, from your local server. To expose your local web server to the internet use ngrok.

You can create a secure HTTP tunnel by providing the port number on which your web server is running. For example, your web server is running on port number 5000. you can launch your HTTP tunnel with the following command line.

./ngrok http 5000

After exposing your local webserver to the internet using ngrok you will get the following output.


Now you can get your dynamic URL from the above output. To configure webhooks and live events, paste your dynamic URL with correct path in webhooks section.

Each time you start up the Ngrok tunnel, you're likely to get a new URL so don't forget to update the new url in the dashboard.