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Each user API request in TeleCMI platform includes user login token. After getting the user login token, make a POST request to the below base URL to retrieve the callback list.

Base URL

Send your POST method request with valid parameters, to the following base URL.

Required Parameters

These are the required POST method parameters with description

Parameter NameTypeDescription
*tokenstringYour user token
*fromnumberThe timestamp of from date and time in UTC timezone.
*tonumberThe timestamp of to date and time in UTC timezone.
pagenumberThe Number of page per 10 record. By default the page is 1.
limitnumberThe Number of record for request, By default the limit is 10. Maximum limit is 10.
The * marked parameter is mandatory.

Sample JSON Request

Below is the following sample JSON POST method request

"token": "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx",
"from": 1636615799000,
"to": 1636702199000,
"page": 1,
"limit": 5

Sample Response

If the provided information is valid, your web server will get a sample response from TeleCMI Platform as given below

"code": 200,
"count": 1,
"cdr": [
"_id": "618e17aab5abcd0d0f4b0746",
"from": 9200000000,
"time": 1636702119000


These are the list of properties and its description

countnumberThe total count of call detail record(cdr) available
cdrJSON arrayThe list of total cdr in detail
_idstringA unique identifier of this call
fromnumberThe number the call came from
timenumberTimestamp of the call in UTC timezone.

HTTP status codes

TeleCMI API platform represents the following status code to identity the errors.

Status codeStatus typeDescription
200OKWe received the request
404ErrorInvalid user token, Failed to authenticate token
400ErrorParameter missing, Parameter limit lesser then equals 10